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Lots at Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel has a total of 86 beautiful lots from ½ acre to 3 acres. Click here to view a plat of the neighborhood. This plat contains final identifiers for lots and blocks. 

Have you looked at the plat and know which lot you are interested in?
Detailed dimensions are provided for each lot. The following link provides a list of lots. Each lot number links to an individual drawing of the lot. (Note: these drawings contain the 'first draft' lot numbers prior to the county's final numbering.) When viewing these drawings, be sure to examine the lot that is not "grayed-out", except lots 11-B and 14-B where special instructions are provided.
Click here for detailed information on each lot

Click here to view the layout of the Recreation Area

Home Size Restrictions 

½ acre (maximum home size 1400 sq ft)

¾ acre (maximum home size 1800 sq ft)

1 acre (minimum home size 1800 sq ft)

2 acre (minimum home size 1800 sq ft)

3+acre (minimum home size 4000 sq ft)


Architectural Control Committee

2nd Amendment
1st Amendment
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